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Relieve Your Home and Office of Pests

No one likes to see insects, especially the ones that are inside your home or business. If you notice a cockroach scurrying along your kitchen floor, or a swarm of ants in your food pantry, there is a good chance there are a lot more insects lurking about.


Victory Pest Control LLC can contrive a customized service plan to rid your property of these pests.


After thoroughly inspecting the infestation in your facility, our team will provide you with a report covering existing pest problems. We will also inform you about any housekeeping and sanitation conditions you might need to have corrected. Then, we will utilize a combination of insecticides and pesticides to address the problem.


You can also rely on us to make minor structural alterations, such as closing holes and other entry areas to prevent future infestations.

Get complete pest control to avoid re-infestations. We guarantee our work if there are no structural changes.


Take advantage of our cost- effective solutions, to keep your residential and business pest free.


Are you having a termite problem? Don't worry; get complete commercial termite control services, including termite inspections for real estate transactions.


We have over 27 years of experience in serving Dallas, FT. Worth and surrounding areas.

Complete pest control

Effective pest control services since 1988

Count on Victory Pest Control LLC to provide a pest-free environment for educational offices. We are equipped to get rid of bad infestations in day-care centers, private or public schools, libraries, swimming pools, universities, recreational complexes and more.


Our team can devise a precise plan to meet the needs of government offices, such as the US Postal Service, federal and state buildings. We work in league with their custodial operations.


We have comprehensive services for your commercial space.                                                                                                                            

Our quality services will help you overcome all your pest problems!

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  • Rodent control and exclusion

  • Stored product pest control and elimination

  • Bee control and removal

  • Bird control

  • Integrated pest management

  • Air curtain systems

  • Commodity, trailer and railcar fumigations

  • Flying insect control

  • IPM Inspections and Reporting Per Industry and Government Standards (AIB-American Institute of Baking, ASI-American Sanitation Institute, FDA-Food and Drug Administration, USDA-United States Department of Agriculture).