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Safe and Humane Solutions to Your Wildlife Problems

Wildlife animals and critters are cute when viewed from afar, but are not so attractive when they have come into your home. It is advisable and important to have them removed from your property before they start building a shelter.


Snakes, squirrels, raccoons and bats pose a serious health and safety risk if left unattended to. They can multiply and start creating health hazards caused by fleas, ticks, mites and the diseases they carry.


Let our skilled team at Victory Pest Control LLC of DeSoto, TX, administer the safe and humane removal of these animals.

Protecting your home is and will always be our priority. We assure you that your home and business will be treated like it is our own. We will devise a service plan customized to your property needs.

Protect your home

You will receive quality and professional service

Apart from spreading diseases that inevitably become fatal, they can also cause serious damage to your property, including fire hazards, computer and alarm malfunctions and should be dealt with swiftly.


With 22 years of experience contributing to our knowledge of animal removal, you can relax knowing we will handle your problem right the first time.


Our wildlife removal process includes, locating the infestation, removing the animals and sealing the openings to prevent other pests from re-infesting the structure.

Stop the damage to your property.

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